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Live Sand Sculpture Asics Novablast 2

2024 Yarmouth Sand Sculpture Trail

February, 2024 - Professional Sand Sculptor, Sean Fitzpatrick

The 2024 Yarmouth Sand Sculpture Trail, featuring the artwork of Fitzysnowman Studios is a popular attraction in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, that features 33 family-friendly sand sculptures made from 120 tons of specially imported sand. The trail was created in 2011 with only 6 sculptures and has since grown to become one of Yarmouth’s biggest attractions. The sculptures are all carved by the husband and wife team of Sean and Tracey Fitzpatrick of Fitzysnowman Studios, who are both professional sculptors from Saugus, Massachusetts.

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Live Sand Sculpture Asics Novablast 2

Live Sand Sculpture for the Falmouth Road Race Expo

August, 2021 - Professional Sand Sculptor, Sean Fitzpatrick

We created this exact replica of an Asics Novablast 2 during the Falmouth Road Race Expo in 2021.The process started with a 3 hour journey from New Hampshire, the source of our sculpting sand, to Falmouth High School, where the sculpture would be made.

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Live Ice Sculpture Southern California

Live Ice sculpture San Diego 2019,2020

FEB 20 - Professional Ice Sculptor, Sean Fitzpatrick

We had the pleasure of performing our live ice sculpture show at the San Diego Safari Park the later part of 2019 into the first week of 2020. In total we carved nearly 20,000 pounds of ice over the course of our 22 night engagement.

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Professional pumpkin carver for hire

Professional pumpkin carver for Hire 2019

July, 2019 - Extreme Pumpkin Carver, Sean Fitzpatrick

Fitzysnowman Studios, featuring world renowned, extreme pumpkin carver Sean Fitzpatrick, specializes in live pumpkin carving demonstrations. Each demonstration is custom designed for your specific needs down to the smallest detail. Whether its a corporate event, product activation or DVD release, Sean has you covered. Create a memorable experience for your guests, fans and customers this fall with live carving demonstration from Fitzysnowman Studios.

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Live Ice Sculpting

Yarmouth Sand Sculpture Trail 2019

June, 2019 - Sand Sculpture, Yarmouth sand sculpture Trail

2019 is the 9th annual public art exhibition featuring the artwork of Fitzysnowman Studios. This year we created 33 sculptures with over 115 tons of specially imported sand.

Be sure to visit all 30 locations. You can pick up a free map at the Yarmouth Chamber of commerce or download one here...

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Live Ice Sculpting

Fitzysnowman Studios Holiday Ice Sculpting in Los Angeles

December 2018 - Los Angeles Zoo, Zoo Lights 2018

This was a short term two week residency at the Los Angeles Zoo for Zoo Lights. We entertained thousands of guests welcoming them in with stacked ice blocks and waving good bye with elves, tree frogs, elephants, giraffes and even Santa Claus!

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2018 Sizzle Awards

Fitzysnowman Studios and client Amerimix Recognized at the 21st annual Exhibitor Magazine Sizzle Awards

Octobers 2018 - Las Vegas Convention Center

In January 2018, Fitzysnowman Studios was contracted to create a 5 ton sand sculpture for Client Amerimix at the 2018 World of Concrete at the Las Vegas Convention center.

The sand sculpture featured two characters. One who apparently used Amerimix pre blended mortar and another who was still mixing his mortar by hand. The Activation caught the attention of Exhibitor Magazine and earned the client more than double the previous years impressions

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Yarmouth sand sculpting trail 2018

Sand Sculpting Trail 2018

June, 2018 - Sand Sculpting, Yarmouth sand sculpting Trail

In 2011 by the Town of Yarmouth, MA commissioned us to create sand sculptures on the beach through a travel and tourism grant. Our first question was how many businesses were located near the beach. When the answer was not many, we suggested taking the beach to main street. In that instant the Yarmouth sand sculpting Trail was created.

That first year we created one large 15 ton sculpture on the beach and managed to convince six businesses to join the trail...

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professional LIVE ICE carving, usa

Live Ice Sculpting

February, 2018 - Ice Sculpting, Live Ice carving

Ice sculpting is something you would expect to see in states with colder climates. Did you know that it's possible to carve ice even when its 50, 60 70 or even 80 degrees or more?

Sean Fitzpatrick, owner at Fitzysnowman Studios travels across the country from New York to Las Vegas, Boston to Chicago, Texas, Aruba, the Bahamas and even Maui and the Hawaiian Islands working under every possible condition imaginable...

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professional pumpkin carver, usa

Pumpkin Carving

October, 2017 - Halloween, Pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving or jack-o-lanterns can trace its roots back to 19th century Irish immigrants. In their home land, they would carve grotesque faces in hollowed out turnips. Upon arriving in America, they soon found pumpkins were a superior alternative.

It would be several decades before professional pumpkin carvers would start to emerge from the cities, townships and swamps from which they honed their craft...

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Sand Sculpture Marketing

What is Sidewalk Art

August,2017 - Sidewalk art, Marketing

The origins of modern sidewalk art can be traced back to to the 16th century in Italy. The artists know as Madonnari were itinerant artists who were brought into the cities to work on the large cathedrals. Once there work was completed they turned to the streets to recreate images of the Madonna or other paintings from the cathedrals.

By the 1800's Great Brittan had become a hot spot for sidewalk artists with more than 500 artists making a full time living in London alone. These artist were known as "screevers"...

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3D street art to go

3D Street Art To Go

July,2017 - Street Art, Modular

My industry exclusive hand painted modular panels make it easier than ever to have real 3D street art at your next event or marketing promotion. The panels are easy to ship, setup and breakdown. They can be setup indoors or out...

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Sand Sculpture Marketing

Sand Sculpting

June ,2017 - Sand Sculpting, Marketing

Your driving down route 28 on a hot August Afternoon in West Dennis and suddenly from the back seat, your child shouts with excitement."look at that, Daddy! Can we stop and look?" As you pull into this familiar retail establishment, know to all as Cuffy's of Cape Cod, you get your first glimpse of the cause of your child's excitement. It's the annual 20 ton sand sculpture created by Fitzysnowman Studios. As you exit your vehicle...

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