Live Ice Sculpture

Live Ice Sculpture, San Diego

We had the pleasure of performing our live ice sculpture show at the San Diego Safari Park the later part of 2019 into the first week of 2020. In total we carved nearly 20,000 pounds of ice over the course of our 22 night engagement.

Southern California might not seem like the most appropriate location for live ice sculpture, but it is actually very popular in winter months, especially since many residents have little exposure to snow and ice on a daily basis. We drew huge crowds every night and never created the same sculpture twice, something that returning guests certainly appreciated

Each evening performance was approximately 3 hours long and started the same every evening. We would load 900 lbs of ice into our truck from the on site freezer trailer. We were then guided into the park by attentive staff where we would carefully unload that same 900 lbs of ice at the performance location. Once the blocks were unloaded we would stack, lift and arrange them appropriately for that specific ice sculpture. Part of the stacking process involves the use of finely shaved ice which I would make using my chain saw. I always made sure to make extra shaved ice and pass out snowballs just before the carving began. The evenings all ended the same, with lots of smiles, happy guests and an awesome ice sculpture. what more could you ask for?


Fitzysnowman Studios provides live ice carving from coast to coast with lower rates for extended performances. If you are interested in learning more about what we can do for your next event, give us a call at 781-249-1494 or hit our free quote button on this page.

Sean Fitzpatrick