Fitzysnowman Studios is focused on pushing the boundaries of experiential art. This effort is lead by  owner and world renowned 3D street artist Sean Fitzpatrick. His work has been featured both nationally and internationally, as far away as Japan. What initially began as a part time venture in winter snow and ice sculpting has expanded over the last 25 years to include Sand Sculpting, 3D street paintings and murals, sand sculpting and pumpkin carving

What we Offer

When searching for the perfect experience for your guests or target market, its rare to find a company that truly understands the meaning of variety. Fitzy Snowman Studios Understands that better than most. Many of our clients select us for our amazing 3D street art then  return to sample some of our other offerings like Sand Sculpture , Snow and ice sculpting or our incredible pumpkin carving. Having so many unique options for our clients gives them the flexibility to add more than one activation at a single time while only having to coordinate with a single vendor.


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My Promise

My dear departed Father taught me many wonderful lessons during his short time on Earth. The most important lesson is, no matter what you do for a living, you should excel and strive to be the very best. That rule applies if your job it to clean toilets or running a multi national corporation. Words to live by.


New innovations

Modular 3D Street Art. All The art with none of the hassle

Fitzysnowman Studios We love painting directly on the street or sidewalk but realize that its becoming exceedingly more difficult to do that these days. Often time graffiti laws overlap in this industry leading to excessive permit fees. Other times it's the weather that causes problems, adding expensive tenting fees to the mix. I should also mention that large pieces can take days to complete on site adding additional lodging and security fees.

Modular 3D Street Art.  Problems solved.

Our exclusive modular 3d street art system solves all of the problems listed above and come with some valuable added benefits.