Professional Snow and Ice Sculpting performances

Professional Snow and Ice Sculptures created by world-renowned sculptor & 3D artist, Sean Fitzpatrick.

Live Ice Sculptures San Diego
Amazing Live ice sculpting in San Diego by Fitzysnowman
Live Ice Sculptures San Diego
Amazing Live ice sculpting in San Diego by Fitzysnowman
Live Ice Sculptures San Diego
Amazing Live ice sculpting in San Diego by Fitzysnowman
Live Ice Sculptures San Diego
Amazing Live ice sculpting in San Diego by Fitzysnowman
Live Ice San Diego, CA
Amazing Live ice sculpting at the San Diego Safari Park by Fitzysnowman
Live Ice Sculpting Vegas
Amazing Live ice sculpting in Las Vegas by Fitzysnowman
Live Ice carving
Live Ice carving at District Wharf, DC
Ice Sculpting Performance
Live Ice sculpting performance, New York City
Live snow sculpting
Live snow sculpting demonstration for the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.
Winter Resort Snow Sculpture
Eight foot tall snow sculpture for Peak Resorts
Pixar Snow Sculpture
Finding Nemo Snow Sculpture
Live Ice Carving
Live indoor ice sculpting performance Virginia
Ice sculpture marketing
Land Rover Ice Sculpture Boston
Early Fitzy Snowman Sculptures
I used to create sculptures like this in my front yard as a hobby.
Abstract Ice
Abstract ice sculpture created live in Boston
Live snow sculpting
Live snow sculpting demonstration and contest.
Boston Ice Sculpting
Live ice sculpting corporate performances and in and around the Greater Boston area and beyond.
Live Ice Sculpting
Indoor ice sculpting at the Children's Museum, Boston
Mount Snow, VT
Custom snow sculpture created for Peak Resorts.
Live Ice Sculpting
Ice Replica of the Great House at Crane Estate
Live Snow Sculpting

Live snow sculpting for Peak Resorts


Dew Tour
Snow sculpting for Toyota at all three Dew Tour Stops: Tahoe, Breckenridge, Mt. Snow
Live Ice Carving
Tree lighting Ceremony
Live snow sculpting
Giant Abominable snow man created for a private event.
Giant snow sculpture
Snow Sculpture created at Peak Resorts
Live Ice Carving
Live ice carving performance at Harbor East, Baltimore.
Time Lapse Snow Sculpture
Snowboard Time lapse.
The Rachael Ray Show
Sean Fitzpatrick Featured on the Rachael Ray show giving tips on carving snow and showing off his skills.
Obama snow sculpture
Snow sculpture featured on CNN
Dew Tour in Vermont
Time out between runs at the Dew Tour for Toyota.
Team Building
Team building with Thermofisher.
Custom Ice Sculptures
The year of the snake champaign chiller.
Custom Ice Sculptures
Fabulous at 50 Ice sculpture.
Full color ice sculptures
Custom full color ice sculpture for Bain Capital
Custom Ice displays
Multi block ice sculpture with logo.
Snow Sculpting Exhibit
Hidden Pond Snow Sculpting Feature in progress at the Derby Street Shoppes.
Custom snow sculpture logos
Fox 25 News logo created live.
Ice Sculpture food service
Seafood Buffet Ice Sculpture.
Summer cool fun
Our kids ice activity will cool you off while releasing your inner child.
Trail marker snow sculpture
Snow Sculpture Trail markers
Custom snow sculpture
Nature themed snow sculpture.
Ice Logo
Full color ice logo for Fan Pier Development.
Giant Santa Snowman
A Santa Clause Snow sculpture started this business.
Olympic Snow Sculpture
Snow sculpture created during the winter Olympics in Van Vancouver B.C.
Corporate Ice Sculptures
Ice Tanker ship created for CSL's 20 anniversary.
Enchanted Snow Village
Giant snow sculpture feature created for WS Development
Seafood Buffet
Holiday seafood buffet ice sculpture.
Holiday ice carvings
Giant Reindeer ice sculpture
Ice Bar
Bring the party outside this winter with one of our Ice bar sculptures
Live Ice Sculpting
Live ice sculpting Virginia
Live ice carving
Home show live ice carving Virginia
Snow sculpture Celebrity likeness
Rachael Ray sculpted with 10 tons of snow.
Baby shower ice Sculpture

Over sized baby block ice sculpture

Indoor Ice Carving
Indoor ice carving Boston
Private parties
Snow sculpting for private events
Live Ice Sculpting
Live Ice sculpting Harbor East, Baltimore
Baby Shower Ice Sculpture
Baby Shower Ice Sculpture
Snow Sculpting Tahoe
Custom Toyota logo created in snow at the Dew Tour in Tahoe
Snow sculpting Boston
Frozen snow sculpture created at Boston Commons
Live ice
Live Ice sculpting inside a major NY Retailer
Ice cocktail table and chairs
Give your guests a truly chilling experience with ice Furniture
Professional Ice Sculpting
Ice Logos for your next event.
Ice Displays
Under sea ice theme
First Night Ice Sculpting Boston
Redsox mascot Wally The Green Monster in Ice.
Live Indoor Ice Sculpting
Ice Sculpting for a major Boston Retailer.
Corporate Ice logos
Ice logo for Thermofisher
Rachael Ray Show
Rachael Ray Snow Bust
Snow Sculpting Displays
Two large snow horses start to take shape in Boston
Live Snow Sculpting
Fox 25 features Live snow sculpting By Sean Fitzpatrick
Snow Unicorn
Derby Street Shoppes Snow Sculpting
Live Ice Sculpting
Live indoor ice sculpting Virgina
Snow Sculpting
My own unique twist on a traditional snowman.
Ski Resorts
Snow sculpture is a natural fit for any ski resort.
Live snow sculpting
Snow Sculpting Live experience at Reebok headquarters.
Ice Sculpting Boston
Custom table top ice sculpture Boston.
Ice Sculpting Experience Boston
Group ice sculpting experiences create lasting memories.
Ice Sculpting Live
Live Ice carving in Hingham, MA.
Sean Fitzpatrick Live carving on Rachael Ray.
Snow and ice sculpting on Rachael Ray