Team Building

Team Building sand sculpting

As a participant in our sand sculpting team building experience, you will be instructed first hand by Americas leading expert in professional sand sculpting. I provide all tools and can even bring sand to your location. The activity can be easily scaled for small intimate settings or huge expansive beach settings. You will have the choice between a competition style activity or select our Quick Sand option for a fast paced experience. These programs are for ages 3 and up.

Pumpkin carving

I offer pumpkin carving team building activities from September through October. All tool and personalized professional instruction is provided. Activities are designed to run a minimum of 2 hours but shorter programs are available if desired. The rest of the year, I offer watermelon and food garnishing activities. These programs are for ages 12 and up.

3D Street Art Team Building

During this activity you will learn the basics of 3D street art and then create your own stunning piece or anamorphic art. For something a little more permanent I also offer 3D street painting on my custom Modular panels. Groups of 5 or more work on painting individual panels that are combined at the end of the event to feature once cohesive final piece of street art. I provide all Paint, chalk materials and professional instruction. These activities are for ages 12 and up.

Team Building snow & Ice

You will have the option to meet up at a ski resort near you or select an activity that takes place in the oldest continuously operating ice company in America. This is a power tool free activity so it's open to ages 12 and up. All tools, and professional instruction is provided.

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Event Production

Fitzysnowman studios is has created and produced some of the most successful sand sculpting events in the world. If you're interested in making your town or location a destination than you have found your advocate. I have a constant track record of working tirelessly on community projects that continue to have a lasting effect globally. Whether your looking for a short term start up consultant or a long term event production team I have what it takes to bring the project home like a ticker tape parade. For me, bringing the experience to every single participant, is incredibly important.

Sean Fitzpatrick
Professional Sand Sculptor

Quality Promise

No matter what option you choose I promise to always deliver quality service during every phase of the project from creative design all the way to the final artwork installation. Providing quality work with exceptional value is my number one priority.

Sean Fitzpatrick