Sand Sculpture

2024 Yarmouth Sand Sculpture Trail

2024 Yarmouth Sand Sculpture Trail

Yarmouth, MA

The 2024 Yarmouth Sand Sculpture Trail, featuring the artwork of Fitzysnowman Studios is a popular attraction in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, that features 33 family-friendly sand sculptures made from 120 tons of specially imported sand. The trail was created in 2011 with only 6 sculptures and has since grown to become one of Yarmouth’s biggest attractions. The sculptures are all carved by the husband and wife team of Sean and Tracey Fitzpatrick of Fitzysnowman Studios, who are both professional sculptors from Saugus, Massachusetts.

This year’s trail sculpting starts on May 9th, 2024 and concludes around June 21st. The sculptures will remain on display through mid-October. The trail is comprised of 3 larger sculptures, including one 15-ton piece of art and two 5-ton pieces of art. The remaining sculptures are all 3 tons each and are created in only one day.

One of the more frequently asked questions about the sculptures is, how they withstand the rain. The answer is that the sculptures undergo a rigorous compaction in wood forms much like a foundation for a house. Once the snad is compacted, the sand is firm enouigh to withstand the elements but soft enough to be carved. Also, because the sand is porous, much of the water is allowed to simply drain through into a specially designed pad of sand.

Sean and Tracey Fitzpatrick are excited about this year’s trail and can’t wait to see people’s reactions. If you’re interested in visiting the trail, you can find a hard copy of the Sand Sculpture Trail map at the Visitor Center located at 424 Route 28 in West Yarmouth, Avaailable after June 21st, or download the digital version of the Sand Sculpture Trail Map, available at the same time. You can also follow the Fitzysnowman's Facebook page to see all the sand sculptures.

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