Professional 3D Street Art

Direct Surface 3D  Chalk art and street painting

When we refer to direct surface, we are indicating that the chalk or paint will be applied directly to the sidewalk, street or wall. The first thing to consider when choosing this option is how easy or difficult is it going to be to obtain permission to from the property owner  to proceed. Please note there are some locations across the country that have strict graffiti ordinances that may prohibit any direct surface application. Don't worry though, we've got a solution for virtually every road block you will run into in this process.  While select artwork can be created in a single day, the majority of direct application 3D street art will take multiple days to complete.

Modular 3D Street Art

Our industry exclusive hand painted modular 3D street art has made it easier than ever to enjoy all the cool benefits of a 3D street art display without the common road blocks encountered with direct application process. The artwork is designed and created in my studio and then shipped to any location in the world to be displayed fully completed or to be completed live. For Live 3d painting performances, you can decide how much of the artwork will be completed on site. If its only a single day event, the artwork will be shipped with just enough left unfinished to meet set completion goals. Events that are three or more days long can choose to have the entire piece completed live. Some benefits of our Modular Street Art system include the ability to easily set up and breakdown the artwork indoors or out on any flat horizontal surface. They can be displayed multiple times or as part of a permanent installation. They are easily shipped and the permitting process is much easier to get approved. Pricing is based on a graduated square foot pricing system with lower pricing for larger 3D street paintings or multiple orders.

3D Street Art Printed Decals

The digital age has impacted traditional street art tremendously. I am now able to create stunning professional digital 3D paintings that can be sent to large format printers anywhere in the country. Typically it is most cost effective to have the files printed close to the intended installation location to avoid additional shipping and installation fees. When selecting large format printers we suggest using only 3M licensed installers to handle your graphic needs for the best results. I offer a standard flat fee for the first design with a discounted rate for additional designs. This option is best suited for artwork that needs to be set up complete. It's also a great option for 3D murals.

Professional 3D Murals

3D murals typically refer to vertical surfaces and are either printed or painted. This section is referring to the hand painted 3D murals. For information on 3D printed murals see the previous section. When considering a 3D mural there are several factors to consider. The size and location of the surface as well as the type of surface and condition of the surface is factored in. Next I look at the surrounding space and available viewpoints from which the artwork will be best viewed for maximum 3D effect. Pricing is based on overall size and ease of access.

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Quality Promise

No matter what option you choose I promise to always deliver quality service during every phase of the project from creative design all the way to the final artwork installation. Providing quality work with exceptional value is my number one priority.

Sean Fitzpatrick

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