Professional Sand Sculpting

Professional Sand Sculpting On the Beach

When creating a sand sculpture on the beach, there are a number of factors that must be examined. The most important factor is the quality of the sand. It should be fine grained, uniform and free of shells stones and twigs. When the sand is moist it should easily be formed into a ball that can hold shape. We will ask for photos, schedule a site visit or request samples to determine if the sand is suitable for the design requested. Access to water is also a key factor. Projects located near a pressurized water source will be significantly less expensive than a project that requires us to haul water from the ocean or lake. The size and detail of the sand sculpture is determined by the length of time we have access to the site. If a project is estimated to take more than one day to create, additional costs such as security, tenting and crowd control must be considered. In some cases it may be necessary to import sand to create the sculpture if the sand quality is too low. To learn more about importing sand, continue reading below.

Sand Sculpting with Imported Sand

There are many reasons why you would want to import sand for a professional sand sculpting project. The main reason is that most beach sand is technically not sand. Under a microscope, most beach sand is revealed to be rounded or uneven pieces of broken shell, coral or other forms of organic material. Imagine trying to stack a bunch of bowling balls and rocks, it's not impossible, but extremely difficult. Imported sand has been cleaned and separated by grain size. The finer the grain, the more detail that is possible.

Importing sand to a beach can be a tricky process because the process of approval must first start at the local level. Additional approval may also be required at the state and federal level depending on the location. In some cases even with approval, you may be required to remove the sand post event.

Another common reason for importing sand is for any off beach location such as an office park, corporate headquarters, Urban center, shopping plaza or other off beach location. The cost associated with importing sand is based on access to the location and removal costs post events. For example, a small sand sculpture created at the top of the empire state building could incur more costs than a large sand sculpture created on the sidewalk out front of the building.

Table top to Over the top Sand Sculptures

When is comes to choices, I offer custom sand sculptures in every size possible. The smallest option is the Table Top sand sculpture. At roughly 800 lbs, these small sand sculptures are still almost 2 times the weight of the average ice sculpture. The best setup includes the use of commercial staging to handle the excess weight. It's also possible to modify an existing table to handle the extra weight. Table top sand sculptures are great for indoor single day events in an intimate setting such as a reception hall. This is the best option for the budget conscious.

The next level is the small two to three ton sand sculpture. These are ground based or created on custom table tops and average 3 to 4 feet tall from the base of the sculpture. These are typically created in one day although more detailed pieces can stretch the project to 2 days or more.

The next level would be the medium size 5 ton sand sculpture which can be completed in 1 to 3 days based on detail. These are always ground based unless created on commercial staging.

Finally the large and over the top sand sculptures are made with 10 tons of sand or more. These sculptures take multiple days or even weeks to create based on size and detail. These professional sand sculptures are typically created for large long term activations and will hold up quite well for several weeks to months in certain locations.

Team Building and Lessons

When it comes to team building, professional sand sculpting is a great solution. It effectively combines problem solving skills with design and communication challenges. These activities can take place anywhere including your office but we suggest a local beach if one is accessible to you.

If you are looking for a great family beach activity or just something interactive to include with your next event, my professional sand sculpting lessons are inspirational, educational and just plain fun. To learn more about ourprofessional sand sculpting team building or professional sand sculpting lessons, visit our Team building page

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