Professional Pumpkin carver for hire

Sean Fitzpatrick, extreme pumpkin carver

Live pumpkin carving exhibitions

July, 2019

Fitzysnowman Studios, featuring world renouned, extreme pumpkin carver Sean Fitzpatrick, specializes in live pumpkin carving demonstrations. Each demonstration is custom designed for your specific needs down to the smallest detail. Whether its a corporate event, product activation or DVD release, Sean has you covered. Create a memorable experience for your guests, fans and customers this fall with live carving demonstration from Fitzysnowman Studios.

Sean Fitzpatrick is based out of Boston, MA. which is great for clients in New England, NewYork, DC and Miami. He is also available for projects in LA, San Francisco, Austin, Houston, Chicago and just about any other place you can name. Best of all he has 14 years of experience with thousands of live demonstartions for some of the biggest brands in the world

Sean is currently booked for the Month of September but is excepting booking requests for limited dates in October and November of 2019. Feel free to send and email to or call 781-249-1494 to check on dates and availability.

Timelapse and Photography

The best way to preserve one of our extreme pumpkin carvings is by taking advantage of our professiopnal time lapse and photography services. Having video and photo assets post event without having to worry about a seperate vendor can be invaluable, saveing you time and money. Be sure to ask about this service when booking.