Modular 3D Street Art

Real hand painted 3D street Art now available with all  the WOW and none of the hassle.

About the project

When the Revere Hotel in Boston was looking to celebrate their recent renovation  they turned to Fitzysnowman Studios. The initial idea was to create several 3D street art paintings of iconic figures at landmark locations around the city. Because Boston is a historic city, there are restrictions in place that  are designed to protect to these historic locations. Naturally, I suggested using my Custom Modular 3D Street Art. Because the artwork is portable and reusable it can be displayed over and over in separate locations. This feature alone saved the client thousands of dollars compared with traditional street painting. The best part of my custom modular 3D street art is that the pricing included ownership of all finished artwork. The artwork continues to be displayed at various locations in the hotel and can easily be transported to other locations outside the hotel for future promotion opportunities Here's some of the other benefits listed below.

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