Live Ice Sculpting Performances

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Ice Sculpting Los Angeles

This was a short term two week residency at the Los Angeles Zoo for Zoo Lights. We entertained thousands of guests welcoming them in with stacked ice blocks and waving good bye with elves, tree frogs, elephants, giraffes and even Santa Claus!

Each nightly  ice sculpting performance was 3 hours long and allowed me to create snowballs and blow snow at the crowd. Working with over 900 lbs of ice each night, I was able to carve some impressive creations some holiday themed and others simply based on really cool animals. During our stay in Los Angeles, we carved an impressive 39 blocks of ice which we were able to store on site using our portable freezer trailers. Having ice on site every night made setup a breeze and allowed us to stay on a tight schedule. If you would like more information on booking a live ice sculpting performance in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco or any place in between give us a call at 781-249-1494 or click the link below to get in touch with us.

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