We are able to create our artwork digitally for large format print or hand painted on our custom modular flooring. We can also have our custom 3D artwork printed directly on carpet or rubberized flooring for that extreme home make over. Our ability to create these custom artworks safely in our studio and allow you you to print them directly or through a print vendor of your choice. Now you can have an awesome step and repeat or amazing 3d store front or vehicle wrap any where in the world! We hope you take advantage of this amazing value while we look forward to being back with you live making amazing 3d street art! Learn More.


Fitzysnowman Studios is a uniqe performance and production company. When we're not producing our own events, we're out making our corporate clients and brand names get attention with some of the most incredible sand sculptures you could ever imaging.We are most proud of our unique sand sculpture trails. Visitors can easily, safely take an entire weekend searching the town for our sand sculptures while experiencing the local city charm, on an unexpected treasure hunt! At the same time, these visitors help the local economy!

email : sean@fitzysnowman.com for more information. Or click here to Learn more about our other sand sculpture services.


Pumpkin carving mania is sweeping the globe! We here at FitzySnowman Studios are proud to be leading that charge. Today you can't watch a major sporting event in the fall without seeing one our professionally carved pumpkins gracing the screen. for the last 20 years we've provided the likes of NASCAR, the NFL, NHL, MLS and MLB with thousands of custom carved pumpkins and we're not slowing down. We've now partnered with other amazing pumpkin carvers from around the country to give even more great brands the opportunity to experience the magic of professionally carved pumpkins. Learn more.


The last few years have been challenging, to say the least. Though careful attention to detail and determination we have emerged stronger and more dedicated than ever to deliver unique live art. Snow and Ice are in our blood. These are the very first materials we started sculpting with and we have no plans to ever stop carving these chilly creations live for your viewing pleasure. Learn more.

FitzySnowman Studios is ready to answer any questions you may have. Click below or give us a call at 781-249-1494

Experienced, Professional, Fully Insured

Are you looking for a unique and memorable way to impress your guests, clients, or employees? Look no further than our family-owned creative firm, where we specialize in sand, snow, ice, pumpkin, and 3D street art. We have over 20 years of experience in creating stunning sculptures and murals for some of the biggest names in business, from coast to coast. We are professional, reliable, and fully insured. Contact us today and let us bring your vision to life with our amazing art!

In House Design

I am personally involved with every phase of the design, concept and execution of each and everyone of our projects. This insures the highest quality and consistency in the final product. We also provide professional design consulting  services, just in case you've run into a creative block.

Fitzysnowman Studios

Formerly known as Fitzysnowman Sculpting, Fitzysnowman Studios represents   the diversity of the unique art forms  and experiences we now offer. What began as a winter marketing and entertainment company has since evolved into a full time year round experiential art  company. Learn more.

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