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"Professional Sculpting - Street Art - Beach Art -Live Performances -Team Building - Much More!"

Originally founded in 2000 to offer snow sculptures for marketing and ski resorts, Fitzy Snowman Sculpting has grown to become the most respected full service street and beach art entertainment service in the world. We offer custom sand sculptures, amazing pumpkin carvings and sculptures, 3D chalk art and of course, the most incredible snow and ice sculptures in the industry. We also specialize in team building and event consulting services.

Our Services

The focus of our work is built around creating live performances. It's one thing to happen upon an amazing sculpture or work of art, it's another thing all together to experience the creative process with the artist. Imaging that you had the opportunity to sit in on a painting session with the great Leonardo Di Vinci as he laid his famous brush strokes on the Mona Lisa smile. Our artists thrive in this highly interactive enviornment and are happy to answer questions while creating their live masterpieces.

There may be occasions where a live performance does not suit your needs. In the case of our sand sculptures, snow sculptures and 3D chalk art, they are created on site at your location several hours or even days in advance. In the case of our ice sculptures or pumpkin carvings, we can carve them off site and deliver and set them up at your location already finished. Our sculptures and 3D street art paintings are available in many different sizes and levels of detail. We'll offer you the best experience for your budget!

"My art holds a strong parallel to life. It is not for the masses but rather the moment. May you enjoy life as much as my art "
-Sean Fitzpatrick
Washington DC Sand Sculptures

Smart Solutions

When you are looking to create a jaw dropping indoor sand sculpture display, there can be many unfamiliar logistic obstacles involved. At Fitzy Snowman Sculpting, not only are our sand sculptors the most talented in the world, they are also the most versatile problem solvers in the industry. Case in point. In May of 2010 the Gaylord National Hotel was looking to have five massive sand sculptures created inside their 18 story indoor atrium resort complex. The challenge? Millions of dollars in exotic plant life and even more in expensive irrigation systems meant that extraordinary care would be required not only in the placement of the sculptures but also the installation of the sand into very tight spaces. By consulting directly with both indoor and outdoor landscaping contractors as well and careful blueprinting of the sculpture locations we were able to devise a comprehensive plan that caused no damage to the existing plant life or irrigation system. The result was a spectacular indoor sand sculpture display that thrilled guests at the resort from Memorial Day thru Labor Day.

Team building

We offer of of the most entertaining, effective and just plain fun team building activities in the world. Learn the secrets of our master sculptors while creating your very own work or art. You can choose from any of our fantastic mediums like sand sculpture, snow and ice sculpture, pumpkin carving and now 3d Chalk art!

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Event Consulting

Fitzy Snowman Sculpting has help to create some of the most successful events and contests in the world. If you have an event that is struggling or have an idea for a new event, let us put our years of success behind you. We promise results and deliver on our promises!

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  • "Sean's ability to get the job done and his sculpting talent helped make my show our best broadcast of the year " - NASCAR Media Group
Sean Fitzpatrick

Sean is a highly sought after 3d artist and performer. He has also developed some of the most successful 3d art events in the world. He has over 20 year experience with 3d art and sculpture. His temporary art parallels life and is meant to be enjoyed in the moment.

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"The reason I have devoted my life to creating temporary art is that I want to inspire people to reflect on the fragile state of being and draw focus to the importance of the moment."
-Sean Fitzpatrick / The Artist

Fitzy Snowman Sculpting is a fully licence and insured art entertainment and consulting service. We offer custom carved pumpkins, ice sculptures, snow sculptures, sand sculptures and 3D chalk street paintings. Everything we do can be done indoors or outdoors and fit any budget from table top to over the top!